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Tests in pregnancy The various tests in pregnancy

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Old 25-06-2009, 01:15 PM
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Hi Ruth, yes Mrs Bear was right we did have Jack with us in the scanning room when I had my Nuchal at the Fetal Medicine Centre. I'm sure they won't mind you taking Sam into the scan with you both. They are used to people bringing their children with them.

Good luck.

Love DebbieXX
me 44 DH 44 Jack 7, born at 28 weeks due to placental abruption. Has caught up really well, but has some behavioural problems.

Harry, 2
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Old 02-07-2009, 10:21 AM
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Hi Ruth,


I had my NT scan at what we thought was bang on 13 weeks, although when the sonographer heard about my cycle (32 days) she matched it up with the measurements and told me I was actually 12+4 - which makes sense, as that puts my EDD at 5 January, which was what the NHS due date calculator thought it was. It was my midwife who told me the EDD was actually 1 January!

I think it varies from place to place as to whether you can take children into the scan room with you. The hospital I go to was very clear that children would only be allowed in at the end of the examination (not that it mattered to me as the only child I have is DH!)

Good luck!

Me 39, DH 45, proud parents of Robert and now baby Katherine. Miscarriage (anembryonic pregnancy) Aug 2011.

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Old 02-07-2009, 10:33 AM
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Ruth - I think if you are having a private scan and you are paying you can take in whoever you like! Rhiannon came to my nuchal with us and the woman even had a box of kids toys and drawing materials for her!

However, the nhs dating scan was a different matter. They wrote on the letter that small children would not be admitted to the examination room, but when I saw the size of the room I could see why. There was hardly room for dh yet alone anyone else!

Are you going private? If so then don't worry - take him along as you are paying you dictate.

Rachel (45), DH (47) - M/C November 2005, DD, Rhiannon born October 2006 and DS, James born July 2009

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Old 02-07-2009, 10:41 AM
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Congratulations Ruth!

I was amazed that you were able to keep a pregnancy secret for 24 weeks! I was always obviously preggers by then! ~lol

Anyway, when I had a private scan at Pro-Scan in Nottingham, there were lots of people there with small children. Although, I wouldn't necessarily recommend 'that' place for a scan.

We have been going to London a fair bit to go to St Mary's in Paddington and we just told people that we fancied a day out...lots to do there...loads of free stuff on during the summer etc.

Sending you sticky vibes.

Me = 43 DH = 44 (Married 20th July 2008 ),
DD1 = 21, DD2 = 19 (from my prev marriage),
MC N0.1 Sept 2007 - 5-6 wks
MC No.2 24/04/08 at 7 wks (Day before DD2's 15th Bday )
MC No.3 08/08/08 at 11 wks (On way back from honeymoon 2 hrs into flight from Singapore to Heathrow )
Chemical October 2008 at 4.5 weeks
MC No.4 15/02/09 at 11 wks MMC diagnosed at 7 wks
July 2009 - Diagnosed with blood clotting disorder
MC No.5 13/10/09 at 5.1wks
DS1 = Born 10/10/10 @ 40 wks+4 days
DD3 = Born 27/02/13 @ 40 wks+4 days
(A very wonderful surprise for Daddy who found out on Father's Day June 2012
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