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Old 24-06-2006, 07:03 PM
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from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely kind words you have said to me
i must admit i did wonder if maybe i might not of been so welcome as i posted something quite personal to me on a thread that Mel started aot the lady that she reported have been in the girls suituation a long long time ago but i wanted to share and seeing the reactions of others i was worried people may judge me i have changed so much and learnt my lesson because sdome kind preson taught me it by doing the same to me and i will always thank that person.
my priority at the min is to try to trace my son my ex told me that if i we ever split up he would take the one thing that mattered to me and that was my kids well Lee and Dale did'nt want to go with there dad he was a violent man but ryan was a daddy's boy and he wanted to go well my ex took him to the states i agreed as lonmg as i knew where he was well i recieved a call back at christmas to say my ex had been arrested and that my son was being held by a foster carer and that they needed information on Ryan they wanterd to know where his passport was and birth certificate well my ex had them as far as i knew because of the nature on which my ex was arrested they were returning ryan to the UK well my ex asked if he could have ryan for the weekend to say goodbye this was in Febuary and when the officers went to pick Ryan up on the Monday morning to put him on a flight to the states My ex had packed up and moved away he is now on the run with my son this is why they are now doing him for a kidnapp charge but knowing my ex he is slippery little sucker it may take a long while to find him
but i live in hope that one day my baby may return
Thankyou once again for all the kind words and yes i suppose i am matter of fact i have had so much thrown at me the last 12 months i've learnt to pick my self up dust my self off and get on with it
i can't change it all i can do is hope that one day it will all work out for me and i will get the one thing i want
i love you all and you all are evry special people



Me 38,DH 36, 3 DS 18,17,14,from a previous relationship (DS 18,14 both have ADHD) sterelisation reversal Oct 2005, Ectopic 04/06 + 11/08
4 M/c to date (07/06, at 5weeks) (09/06, at 5 weeks) (11/06, at 6 weeks)( 04/08 at 11 weeks )
Dh and i had our precious son together Nov 07
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