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Old 29-08-2006, 10:10 AM
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Default grrrrrrrrrrr health visitors

i got a call from my hv this morning at 8.00am
as i havent taken ali to the baby clinic since he was born (personally i cant stand the places and did tell her when she came when he was 13 days old i had no intention of taking him to the clinics unless i had a problem) she insisted that she come today , to see ali and weigh him, that last time he was officially weighed he was 13 days old and weighed 7lb 15oz
however we have weighed him on our scales holding him and although they are not accurate i at least know that he has gaind weight so have not been worried about him

whats annoyed me is

i have an appointment tomorrow to have my post natal and ali's check up and his first set of jabs so they will weigh him then anyway,

and also i had plan's to go out today and when i told the hv this she was extremly insistant that she see ali today, and was quite abrupt and rude about it so i agreed after a while of explaining i had an optitions appointment at 12 that i would stay in until after she had been, meaning now i have to walk up the town instead of getting a lift this morning with a friend, the hv was supposed to come at 10.15am and still no sign of the damm woman

also if its to check up that im a fit mother ect havent they left it a bit late, i could of beaten or starved him by now, he's 8 weeks old nearly for gods sake. no wonder so many poor babies are slipping through the net when they are mistreated,

so is this visit just to fill in the baby book so when the doctor see's it tomorrow it show's she has been out i wonder,

still it will be interesting to find out how much ali does weigh now,

thats if she does turn up, watch this space says i getting more and more annoyed by the second,

love ann
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