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Birth Stories/New Arrivals Post your birth and 'new arrival' stories here...

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Old 02-02-2009, 12:55 PM
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Exclamation What a birth!!

Just a quickie as literally just home from hospital and totally knackered!!

Thanks Sharon for posting for me.

Well what a different birth to the one I had planned! Waters went Saturday night at midnight and then nothing until about 11.30am Sunday morning, suddenly the contractions are mega powerful and I am wondering whether I would cope at home on just gas and air.

Midwife came out and I am only 3cm and in absolute agony so decide to abandon home birth and drive to Winchester where I was going to demand an epidural.

Had to wait an hour for my mum and dad to arrive to mind Matthew and Daniel so we left home at 1.30pm and I am in the most unbearable pain, bearing in mind I had Daniel with just a few puffs of gas and air, it must have been bad!

Nightmare car journey, arrive at hospital at 2pm and I start yelling for an epidural which is ignored, try the pool they said, oh but then just as I am about to get in there they notice my waters are leaking again and they are slightly green!

Off to be monitored and still I am yelling epidural, by this time I am 6cm and really losing the plot!! Gas and air is just not making any difference!

Suddenly after about 10 minutes I want to push, its now just after 3.15 and I have gone from 6 to 10cm in no time at all.

Take 15 minutes to push the baby out, all the time being monitored and we can see and hear he is in serious distress.

My god ladies when he came out he was absolutely covered in poo, the cord was round his neck twice and he wasn't breathing.

He was rushed away to be resuscitated DP following while I delivered the placenta, still not knowing if he was OK.

Finally hear he is fine and he is brought back into us, the relief was incredible.

We had to stay in to be monitored for 12 hours though as he was a grade III mec baby and severely distressed at birth. Thankfully all the monitoring went well and he showed no signs of problems.

The ward I stayed in was a nightmare, boiling hot and very very noisy, so I had no sleep but I have to say without exception the staff were fab, so nice and friendly and I received really good care, so thumbs up to Royal Hampshire County Hospital.

Seeing the snow this morning meant I couldn't leave at 8am as planned, it took DP 2 hours to get to us but am home safe and sound now.

Thank god something made me go to the hospital, rather than stick it out at home. I know there was a resus kit here for the baby but it was all so quick it could easily have been just DP here to deliver him. I wonder if that extra pain was a blessing.

Anyway, will post pics as soon as I can but just wanted to share my story, just goes to show, even after 3 easy straightforward births you can't take for granted everything going well 4th time.

I am 46 and very happily married. I have 5 lovely boys aged from 19 to the newest arrival born September 2013
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