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Birth Stories/New Arrivals Post your birth and 'new arrival' stories here...

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Old 11-02-2009, 12:11 PM
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Exclamation Henry's birth story do you want to know?

Well here goes, hope not to scare any one with this.
Mild contractions started at 9pm on Sat evening, had been out shopping with my mum during the day including ASDA ,John Lewis etc.
By 11.30 they were more established so rang CDS told to come in but I would be sent home if not in established labour. Got there at 00.05am CTG started, within 20 minutes it was apparent Henry was in distress heart rate dipping to 85bpm with every contraction. Dr called cocerned about trace, decided to break my waters as I was 4cm dilated only and put a scalp moniter on Henry's head. Broke my waters unable to reach Henry's head. The increased contractions made Henry severely distressed and interuterine resus had to begin while a second theatre team could be called in to perform the section. I was given a s/c drug to stop my contractions, i.v. fluids rapidly, i.v. antibiotics and prepped for theatre.Once my contractions stopped Henry's heart responded well and he was safe. I had some gas and air and remained chatty, the staff were totally fantastic, calm supportive, reassuring and in control.
As soon as the team arrived I want to theatre and had the spinal block it was amazing, I knew the anaesthetsit and he talked me through it while Steve paced the corridor. The sensation of them pulling him out was weird, imagine when I heard him cry oh the joy. I couldn't believe I had a boy it was such an amazing surprise.Basically the cord was around his neck really tightly and each contraction was compressing the cord, it was described as a skipping rope. Henry had good apgars 9 at 1min, 10 at 5 and 10 minutes. He went to SCBU to get sorted out and start the group b strep treatment with Steve while they spent over an hour stitching me up, lost a litre of blood HB now 9.4 so not too bad.
In recovery at 4am and reunited with Henry soon after, transferred to the ward at 10am. Henry was a very good boy no blips from him, I bled a lot and had 3 huge evil pressure dressings which I was allergic to.
Henry had 48hrs of iv.s but yesterdays bloods were normal and he never grew anything on his blood cultures. I'm fine totally up and about just seen the midwife who told me to rest LOL, I am rubbish at being still, I want to go out. Had a great night only got up to Henry at 1am then 6.20am so very pleased, I am being lulled into a false sense of security by my big bubba who weighed a tiny 10lb 4oz today.

May get a chance to post pics soon but I need the main computer to do this.
I am 42, I have 3 dd's Leah aged 14, Eloise aged 11(had a heart transplant at 21mths due to viral cardiomyopathy)Millie aged 8yrs and a gorgeous boy Henry.

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