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Tests in pregnancy The various tests in pregnancy

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Old 14-05-2009, 12:10 PM
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Default Yesterday's doctor's visit

Went for another scan yesterday. Both babies are doing extremely well right up to par with that of singletons which I was told is rare. Master Cash is just one ounce below 5lbs and Missy was wriggling about so much that the sonographer had to estimate her weight at 4.6. She could be more. I have only gained 27 lbs to date and continue on a nightly dose of Lantus, insulin. My blood pressure is good and no other issues othe than the usual risk involved in being an "older" mom. I am very pleased that the doctor I chose from the team handling my pregnancy will be delivering my babies. He is like a big teddy bear. Only 37 but what a guy! I feel much better knowing that I voiced my fear of C-Section delivery and he has said he will provide all the comfort that I will need. Yipee, drugs! Just thought I'd fill you all in on the going on's. Babies again refused to show their faces and I could not get a detailed 3'd picture they are really getting camera shy. The sonographer says that the chances of getting a picture in the future are slim to none because they are using up all the room in my uterus. It's okay I'll be meeting them very soon.


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