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'Green' issues, recycling etc. Recycling etc., etc.

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Old 04-11-2009, 12:50 PM
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Angry Wheelie Bin Woes


Just thought I would have a little moan here .... where we live for the last 10 years we have had a fornightly rubbish collection. We have a large wheelie bin and whatever won't fit in that doesn't get collected. We also have a wheelie bin for recycling, a garden waste bag system (you have to pay for that) and a monthly glass collection. Anytime soon we will also have food bins which will be collected weekly where all your waste food goes.

So, as you can tell, my local council, East Hants, are keen on recycling. We do recycle, but try as we might we can never ever make the wheelie bin for rubbish last 2 weeks. It wasn't a problem until we changed our vehicle to what is now classed as a van, our local waste tip won't allow vans or other commercial vehicles into the dump without a special permit. The permit is valid for a year and lets you visit the dump just 12 times in that period. The idea is fair enough, its to stop traders and businesses dumping their rubbish. But what about families who have commercial type vehicles?

Anyway, I applied for a permit, but its not ideal because I need to go to the dump weekly with the odd black bag, and with hte permit I can only have 12 visits a year. So I asked the council about having either an additional bin or bigger wheelie bin. There are 2 adults and 3 children here, 2 of whom are in nappies, and whilst we recycle everything possible we still have excess rubbish. My application was granted for an additional smaller bin but only while I have 2 children in nappies, ie, for 6 months, after which time I have to go back to just one wheelie bin. I had to pay 25 too for the privilege of this extra bin

Anyway, my neighbour is a man on his own and he has the one wheelie bin too which is nowhere near full (I do sometimes sneak the odd bag in to his bin!) but the whole thing seems madness. Five people in a house are bound to create more rubbish than just one person, apparently I will get my 2nd bin back once my 10 year old is a teen - evidently teens produce more rubbish than toilet trained toddlers and children.

Totally mad and very annoying.

Just wanted to have a moan!!

I am 46 and very happily married. I have 5 lovely boys aged from 19 to the newest arrival born September 2013
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