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'Green' issues, recycling etc. Recycling etc., etc.

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Old 21-02-2008, 10:22 AM
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Default Ecologist News Letter

I get this every month and I thought that those who read this folder might also like to browse it;


The March edition of the Ecologist is now on sale. In this issue, we take a look at how an entire culture of cheap mass produced food is coming to an end; we ask if organics can feed the world; find that 'liberalisation' is just what big business wants; look behind the label at Lucozade sport and ask if we should make wealth history.

You can buy it in many WHSmith's and independent shops.


Only 4% of untouched ocean left: global report on oceans shows devastating damage
Diet drinks linked to increase in metabolic syndrome
Global palm oil demand linked to human rights abuses
Campaign to save British Bees launched

NEWS FOCUS: Colony Collapse Disorder

Bees in the UK face an unprecedented threat from Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) a disease that has already lead to population losses of up to 70% in the US. The prime suspects? GM crops and electromagnetic radiation.

Campaign to save British bees launched
The role of mobile phones in bee decline
Pat Thomas on the role of GM crops, mobile phones, habitat loss and parasites in CCD


PODCAST: Tom Hodgkinson: How to be free

Idler editor, author and Ecologist contributor Tom Hodgkinson talks to Phil England about his book 'How to be free' a manifesto for saving the world through doing as little as possible.

Click here to listen

OFFER: Free Ecologist back issues

A generous reader, David Topple from Exeter, has contacted us saying he has issues of the Ecologist going back to June 2004 that he is willing to give free to anyone who wants them.

If you're interested please contact and he will pass your details on to Mr Topple.

BLOG: Hedgewizard

The clear sky and warm nights have given Hedgewizard a chance to enjoy the greatest show on earth, the night sky.

Until neighbour wingco arrives

Emissions Trading Under EU ETS Phase II & Phase III

Compliance | Implementation | Harmonisation | Competitiveness

20 February 2008, Thistle Marble Arch, London

This ENDS event provides a unique opportunity for policy makers, policy shapers and carbon industries to come together to debate how they can reduce carbon emissions throughout Europe.


Due to the excellent response to our previous competition for One Life Live, an event dedicated to helping you live a more sustainable life, we have a further ten tickets to give away. Anyone who doesn't win can still save 2.00 on the ticket price by mysteriously quoting "B56" when ordering tickets at

Please send all competition entries to

Good luck

IN DEPTH: Aspartame

News this week that drinkers of diet drinks are 34 per cent more likely to suffer from a range of cardiovascular disease and diabetes risks has again drawn attention to one of the most controversial food additives in history: aspartame.

Aspartame: an introduction
Aspartame reactions: a hidden epidemic

Aspartame's toxic contents
Life after Aspartame
Behind the Label: Diet Coke


The Ecologist Newsletter is published by the Ecologist Magazine, trading as Ecosystems Ltd.,
registered company # 970404
registered address: Unit 102, Lana House Studios, 116-118 Commercial St., London E1 6NF
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