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Old 01-04-2008, 07:43 PM
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Smile Blinkin Eck don't belive it but think we might have cracked the potty training!!!!!!!

I know I can't believe!! A couple of weeks ago after reading some replies to Stoneas post I took the bull by the horns.

We started by sneaking some water into a potty and then putting the dolly on then we would all leap about the room and giving the dolly loads of hugs and kisses and a pretend sweetie. Emptying the 'wee' into the toilet letting Fifi carry it there.

Then after a week of this I discarded the nappies and hoped for the best. Bought some knickers. Since we started 2 weeks ago we've had about 7 or 8 accidents. For the most part when she's been at home she's had no knickers, however, for the past 2 days she has and has come running up shouting "need a wee, need a wee" then turns round and heads of to the bathroom. When we go out fully change of clothes taken with us (including shoes learnt my lesson with Izzy) however so far no out of home accidents. Yet!

I really can't believe it - I really just tried to see but it seems to be working. Still in nappies at bedtime.

I'm so proud of her! She such a little angel.

Oh and since I'm having a proud mum moment, she can read her name and write the letter i, She also loves to put herself to bed!! LOL!

So on to the next thing - when do you take them out of the cot!!?????

Love to you all
Me 39 (just), DH 40 mum to Izzy (10) and Fifi (2). Took 5 years, 5 miscarriages, IVF and IUI to finally get our little Fifi conceived naturally! Would love another but would probably finish me off!

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