Listing Requests - Quality Links to Mothers 35 Plus

We ask sites that wish to link to Mothers 35 Plus to provide a quality reciprocal link to us.

What we mean by "quality link":

  • Links from your Home page, or another standard page on your site
  • A targeted, descriptive link that adequately describes Mothers 35 Plus (see 'Example' below).
  • Links that lead to an appropriate page within Mothers 35 Plus.
  • Links made using simple HTML only (i.e. no Javascript or scripted links etc.).
  • Links that appear on non-dynamic pages (i.e. non-database).

We are unlikely to list sites where the link to Mothers 35 Plus is on a page:

  • That is not linked directly from your Home Page or main index, or is hidden deep within your site, or is an "orphan" page.
  • That has more than 50 external links.
  • That is on a different domain to the one you wish us to list on Mothers 35 Plus.

We will not list sites where the link to Mothers 35 Plus:

  • Is on a site or page that has the appearance of a 'link farm'.
  • Is a on site that uses 'black hat' search engine techniques (tricks such as 'cloaking' and 'spamdexing').
  • Is from a site that uses automated link generation software and links directories.
  • Uses a scripted link that results in a 302 redirect.
  • Is on any of the following types of websites: gambling, spamming, adult content etc..

Example of a link to Mothers 35 Plus' home page

An example with the code used to generate a generic link is shown below. However, please feel free to link any section of Mothers 35 Plus that is appropriate to your site.


Mothers 35 Plus: information for older mothers, mothers to be and would-be older mothers, including message forums, recommended reading and resources for late life motherhood.

With the HTML code:


To add a banner, right-click on one of the images below and save it to your own server, then link it to Mothers 35 Plus at

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