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Please note that you are most likely to be accepted when:

  • you provide 'quality' information for your visitors with up-to-date content
  • you link to us from your home page or another standard page within your site
  • you link to an appropriate page within Mothers 35 Plus
  • you use links made using simple html only [i.e. no javascript or scripted links etc.]
  • your link to us appears on a non-dynamic page [i.e. not from within a database page]

    We are unlikely to list sites where the link to Mothers 35 Plus is:

    • within a page that's not linked directly from the home page or main index.
    • has more than 30 external links.
    • is not on the domain you wish us to link to.

    We will not list sites where the link to Mothers 35 Plus is:

    • on a site or page that has the appearance of a 'link farm'
    • [that means a long list of uncategorised links, often with no, or limited, descriptions]
    • is a on site that uses techniques not approved of by search engines
    • is from a site that uses automated link generation software
    • uses a scripted link that results in a '302 redirect' to another page or URL

    ** Only in exceptional circumstances will we add free listings to sites who do not link back to us!