About Mothers 35 Plus

Lindsey Harris, 45, created Mothers 35 Plus in June 1998 as a result of a college project, six months after giving birth to her son, Josh. Since the site first went online it has become so popular that it is now a permanent fixture, attracting many visitors from all over the world.

Mothers 35 Plus is primarily a UK site, but receives messages from women in many different countries, as well as from educational establishments and the press. Interest increased with Cherie Blair's pregnancy and the subsequent birth of Leo Blair and the topic of 'older mothers' is now very much in the news. Older motherhood continues the generate controversy - both good and bad - making headlines on an almost daily basis.

The success of the site is also due, in large part, to members of the message forums, with many active members from all over the world. These ladies provide on-going support to each other both in times of crisis and non-crises, and many firm friendships have been formed. Regular 'Mothers 35 Plus meet-ups' take place in different parts of the country, including some camping weekends.

What started out as a hobby has now become a major part of my life. Over the years, Mothers 35 Plus has been a great source of support to many women and that makes it all worthwhile.

Lindsey Harris

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