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If you have a website with a theme that is complimentary to Mothers 35 Plus, we can offer the following:


Expanded Listing *


What is an Expanded Listing?

Click here [link opens in a new window] for an example of one showing Winston's Wish.

What this means:

. you will be listed alphabetically before the free listing sections
. you will have have a bolder, more eye catching display (example below)
. you can have 12 bullet points / keywords (or short phrases)
. your listing will be placed in each section for which you qualify
. you will have a 'Page Rank' icon underneath your site's description
. we allow you a 50 word description
. accepted sites will be added in approximately 2-4 weeks

In addition:

. we allow you to review your entry before it goes live
. we allow you to update your listing twice a year

We respectfully ask that you to provide a permanent quality link back to us, however this is not compulsory for an Expanded Listing. Details of what "quality link" means can be found here [this will open a new window so you don't lose this page].

Example of an Expanded Listing:

UK Mothers 35 Plus

Whether you are about to have your first baby or your tenth, if you are an older mother or would like to be one then Mothers 35 Plus is the place for you! Information and resources, recommended reading, message forums and regular meet ups.

  • older mothers |
  • parenting |
  • conception |
  • fertility |
  • infertility |
  • pregnancy over 35 |
  • pregnancy & birth | mid-life motherhood |
  • later life
  • motherhood |
  • mothering |
  • meet other mothers |
  • older fathers
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What does an Expanded Listing cost?

The review fee for this listing is just GBP £35 per annum (approx US$70), which is less than £0.70 per week! Mothers 35 Plus will also accept payment by PayPal, cheque or banker's draft (please use the email link on the contact page for the address to send a cheque to).

What happens next and how do I pay?

Firstly, follow Step 1, below.

We prefer payment via PayPal. So that we can check that your request for a listing is acceptable to us, details of how to pay will be shown on your invoice.

How to apply for an Expanded Listing

1. Fill in the Expanded Listing form and submit.

2. Your submission will be reviewed and accepted entries will be processed in approximately 1-2 weeks.

3. An invoice will be sent to you (via email) and your entry put online on a temporary page so that you can check the details.

4. Your listing will go live when your payment is received.

5. The review fee for an Expanded Listing is £35 p.a. (approx US$66).

* Acceptance for an Expanded Listing is discretionary. Sites that are not appropriate or not complimentary to the general theme of Mothers 35 Plus will not be included. This includes the following: gambling, link farms, fake watches, Viagra [or similar], adult content etc.


Banner or button display advert

If you don't fit any of the above link categories - or even if you do - you might want to consider banner advertising on Mothers 35 Plus. We can accept 468 x 60 pixel banners at the tops of pages and 'skyscraper' and 'button' adverts in side columns.

Please use the email address on the contact page to ask for more information.

Mothers 35 Plus Banners

To add a banner to your website, right-click on one of the images below and save it to your own server, then link it to Mothers 35 Plus at

468 x 60

234 x 60

120 x 90

Suggested link description:

Mothers 35 Plus: information for older mothers, mothers to be and would-be older mothers, including message forums, recommended reading and resources for late life motherhood.

With the HTML code:


Mothers 35 Plus has been featured in the following publications:

The Daily Telegraph
The Times Online
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