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Abortion & Unplanned Pregnancy

US A Heartbreaking Choice

Special support group for parents who have interrupted their pregnancies after poor prenatal diagnosis. Includes (confidential) online chat room and access to (confidential) e-mail list so that you can share your experience with other parents.

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  • pregnancy loss | pregnancy termination |
  • cvs
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  • amniocentesis |
  • abortion |
  • birth defects | down's syndrome |
  • trisomy 21 |
  • trisomy 18 |
  • Patau's syndrome |
  • Edward's syndrome
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British Pregnancy Advisory Service - the leading provider of abortion services in the UK, with a national network of consultation centres and clinics. They also provide emergency contraception and services for those who want to be sterilised or have a vasectomy.

Marie Stopes - the largest private provider of family planning services in Britain. A nationwide network of conveniently located centres provides a wide range of services. Link to Marie Stopes International. The organisation's mission is to ensure the individual's fundamental human right to have children by choice, not chance. twins/multiple births | Carries out abortion, as well as male and female sterilisation.

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NHS Direct - 24-hour nurse-led helpline with confidential healthcare advice and information
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Harris Birthright Research Centre (originators of nuchal fold scan)
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