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Baby & child safety

The law on child seats in cars changed in September 2006

On Monday, September 18th 2006, the law on child restraints in cars and goods vehicles changed (in Northern Ireland it will also change in the Autumn). The following RoSPA links will help you to understand what you will are required to do by law.

* The New Law For Children up to 3 Years Old
* The New Law for Children over 3 and up to either 1.35 metres in height, OR the age of 12
* The New Law for Children over 1.35 metres in height, or who are 12 or 13 years old
* Other New Changes to the Law from September
* Summary Table

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Child Safe Zones - Safe and found

FamilySafePlus+ is a secure online account to store important family information, that can be made available to you, whenever and wherever you need it.

The information is stored behind a unique Family ID and password and can be accessed 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world, either via our help line or the internet.

The information is stored in three areas - a Family Zone, Travel Zone and Home Zone. The information stored is designed to help the family but will be of no use to anyone else, e.g. Granddad's medication, insurance policy and contacts, credit card emergency numbers, travel / holiday itinerary. Although address details are taken, this is for account correspondence only and these details are never stored in the account.

Your unique Family ID can also be used to help retrieve lost items. A Family ID on a briefcase, camera, dog collar or more importantly a child's safety wristband or tag can help a family wherever they go in the world. With a lost child, or perhaps a vulnerable adult, the Family ID will also unlock other important information such as medical conditions and an emergency family contact.

The cost for a family is 15 per year and can include all immediate or extended family members. The account can be accessed, updated and extended as often as you need.

To find out more please click on the banner below.


Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) - Provides information, advice, resources and training and is actively involved in the promotion of safety in all areas of life - at work, in the home, and on the roads, in schools, at leisure and on (or near) water.

Safe Ride News - the goals of Safe Ride News Publications are to help save lives and prevent injury to children in traffic.

Child Accident Prevention Trust - national charity committed to reducing the number of children and young people who are killed, disabled or seriously injured as a result of accidents.


NHS Direct - 24-hour nurse-led helpline with confidential healthcare advice and information
List of NHS Trusts - information on children's health & diseases
The Fetal Medicine Foundation
Harris Birthright Research Centre (originators of nuchal fold scan)
Medical Dictionary