Link Requests

If you have a website with a theme that is complimentary to Mothers 35 Plus, we can offer the following:

FREE Listing

Sorry, due to the sheer volume of requests for a free listing on Mothers 35 Plus we are not currently accepting any further requests, even if you offer a link back to us.



we will offer an Expanded Listing in some cases. For more details click here.


Banner or button display advertising

If you don't fit any of the above link categories - or even if you do - you might want to consider banner advertising on Mothers 35 Plus. We can accept 468 x 60 pixel banners at the tops of pages and 'skyscraper' and 'button' adverts in side columns.

Please use the email address on the contact page to find out more.

Mothers 35 Plus Banners

To add a banner to your website, right-click on one of the images below and save it to your own server, then link it to Mothers 35 Plus at

468 x 60

234 x 60

120 x 90

Suggested link description:

Mothers 35 Plus: information for older mothers, mothers to be and would-be older mothers, including message forums, recommended reading and resources for late life motherhood.

With the HTML code: